Caça-níqueis tc grand canyon

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  1. Perfect to watch while we are quarantined! Will watch again! Thanks for posting this

  2. Hi there! we will go there next week. Are 7 and 5 yrs old allowed to go in there?

    1. Yes Irene, children are allowed. It can be dangerous for the younger ones, so dont let them get rowdy within the close quarters and crowds of people.

  3. Im headed there in a few days and am debating between taking the regular vs photograph tour. I have a Canon xti that would fit the dslr bill but feel I would be more comfortable with my point and shoot. (I just got the Canon). ALSO Im afraid the tripod requirement would be a hindrance. Would a monopod be accepted? Im so EXCITED to see this marvel.

  4. Is it dark in the lower antelope canyon? My mother has some vision problem in dark place.

  5. Nice! Ive saved this to my large Arizona playlist, to the Antelope Canyon section, to share this with others. Thank you for posting!

    1. @Tim Batchelor Yeah, I know what you mean. Apparently it use to be open land, until graffiti became a problem. Ive seen similar things happen in other places in this country, and abroad. Have you heard of The Wave in Coyote Buttes, Arizona? You have to play a non-refundable lottery just to get a chance to pay for a single day permit to see it. It irritates me to no end. I can understand both sides of the argument, but where do you draw the line? Its a slippery slope. Give an inch, take a mile.

    2. @Tim Batchelor More or less. I just went ahead of the guide a little ways and it was pleasant.

  6. I thought you had to reserve to go down the stairs into the lower? Awww man we just booked reservations for 5pm whenjts cooler a bit and last tour so less crowd 🙂 ahhhh! Didn’t know we could just go without reservations?????

  7. Antelope Canyon is expensive, Escalante is just as good/free. There is a video on my channel if your curious

    1. +Prouisorsapientiae I think in 2011 12 people were killed by a flash flood, and since then they require you to enter via guided tour.

    2. +shanefanon Thats a fairly arbitrary statement. Our entire existence is cursed with death. What makes this canyon so significant in your eyes? Do you have a story? Are you Navajo?

  8. This was during summer? I see everyone wearing jackets. Is it cold inside? We chose summer around 11, us that a good time?

    1. Its way over 110 degrees in Arizona during the summer so its scorching hot. The canyon is underground so it is cooler. Wear light clothing if you plan to see the canyon during summer.

  9. i am having a claustrophobia attack just watching this video… and what if it rains? even 5 miles away… yer toast!

  10. beautiful ..amazing watching it sitting on my chair ..i am very afraid of high place even in a car ,,

  11. I think its BS to have to pay $50 just to take pictures of a natural structure, Everyone has to turn a buck I guess!

    1. Theres is a 8$ fee that goes to the Navajo reservation. Thats why its expensive. To go in the grandcanyon in a car, is well over 100$

    2. @Thomas Beaudry Dont forget to include federal and state governments. The average entry fee at a national park is $15 per car, regardless of how many people are in it. Like I mentioned previously in the comments, charging or not charging entry fees is a slippery slope. There are positives and negatives to both.

  12. if the tour last an hour or so then to be a complete walkthrough in twenty minutes is a bit of a stretch

  13. Ill be traveling to Phoenix next week and driving to the Grand Canyon (either the west or south rim) and Id like to go to this spot for a tour also! I tried looking up Lower Antelope Canyon but Im getting multiple spots – some in AZ and some in CA. Would you be able to let me know exactly where you took this tour at? Thank you!!!

    1. Planning antelope valley and grand canyon trip as well. How did it go? Any suggestions?

    2. Its in Arizona, just off of Route 89, south of Page and north of Horseshoe Bend overlook.

  14. Did anyone have mini tripods, and were you able to take nonshaky shots without a tripod? Also, Ive reading reviews about how dark it is in there. In the video it looks very light.

  15. do you think a fat person can make it through the lower canyon? Im fat but I can move around, Im just claustrophobia… because I read that lower is narrow compare to the upper canyon? I wanted to do both upper and lower this weekend. thanks.

    1. @nkaujhmoobvwj Sorry for the late reply. Were you able to do the lower? It is pretty narrow in quite a few spots, so it could be tough for larger fellows.

  16. Or info on how to do a 2 hour photo walkthrough alone. I do not want to go on a regular tour.

    1. +Christina Luciano You purchase your passes when you show up. You can make a reservation if you want.

  17. omg u so lucky i am going on a tour it will be the second day of my tour i have to wake up at 4-5 oclock am my mom says goin to lasvegas on august 2 love ur videos

  18. This was a great video! Thank you for creating it! It brought back so many memories. It was so peaceful when you were there, not so when we were there!

    1. Well, you do have a little bit on me there, it might be a bit of a tight squeeze in some spots, but you should be ok…I had a light backpack on (my camera backpack) and I was able to squeeze thru fine….I wear a size 40 belt and couple with the backpack made me a bit bigger, but I could move thru sideways in most tight spots. I hear ya though, you always wonder when you go to do public things…

  19. Im going to Sedona and want to hike this, can you provide a link as to where I can get this photography permit from!?

    1. WeekendWarriors I despise group tours but it was better with them. They made the experience worthwhile.

    2. a lot of it has to do with the fact that you are on Navajo land and must purchase a land permit, part of that agreement is that you have a guide while on native lands. Trust me though, the guides will give you a lot of info about the area and are very helpful. I didnt feel supervised

    3. @Prouisorsapientiae thanks, what a shame you cant just go do your own thing

  20. Hi, thank you for this great video, Im a little claustrophobic , Ive been trying to watch videos so i exactly know how is it inside the canyon . Since Antelope Canyon is a dream for me so I know i must overcome with my fear. I have one more question you mentioned the cost is $28 but i cannot find that price at any website. I was wondering how you got your ticket. thanks again for this video. it sure helped a lot.

  21. Im finally getting around to watching this after forgetting that I put it on my watch later list. Lovely timing with the pareidolia definition.

    1. +DesertZero I didnt even notice there are two distinct faces until after rendering the video. I only noticed the one in the foreground!

    1. Also, great video this totally helped me get a positive mindset of this trail

  22. Fantastic video! Well be visiting in Nov & your video has given me a fabulous preview. The lower AC appears to be the more interesting canyon..

  23. Hi Russell, nice vids, you are talented!

    There web site says admission is $8 per person, then something about a fee for a tour guide, is that in addition to the $8?

    Did you make reservations for a tour guide? Did you have to make it in advance or when you arrived that day?

    Then they say you need a $50 photographers permit to take photos, is that for someone on vacation taking regular photos, not a commercial photographer. I plan on making the trip next spring (maybe May like you did), and I have a a D800, would like to take some nice photos for myself, and maybe some video. 

    However Im confused about the fees at  Lower Antelope Canyon, did you get a Photographers permit (how much)?

    As mentioned, Im a bit confused, any clarification and details would be appreciated.


    1. @Jon Murany Hi Jon, I think you confused the commenter, Russell, with me.  The pop-up windows throughout this video answer all of your questions!  You do not need a photographer permit unless you intend on taking a tripod (not needed for most cases) and want 2 hours to yourself.  There are no reservations, and you must be escorted down.  There are more detailed answers throughout the video.

    1. @Russell V With video there is only the standard .MOV file on this camera.  Watch my D5100 video settings video on how I set the camera to get good results!

    2. @Prouisorsapientiae
      thanks you have motivated me to start using my d5100 again… i am a amatuer at video

  24. what tour agency did you take? how many minutes to see the entire Lower Antelope?

  25. I have asthma and was wondering if at all during the tour you found yourself out of breath? Thanks in advance

    1. I weigh 230 and have asthma and was able to make it all the way through. There are a few places you have to go back up stairs but its gradual. the worst is at the end when you go up about 20 stairs but you have to watch your head. I didnt, and almost knocked myself out. LOL

    2. Patrick Sarandi if you go there while its completely packed you seem to stop around and very 30-45 seconds so it shouldnt be a issue

    3. My wife has exercised induced asthma and she had no problems. This is an awesome place to visit, very surrealistic !

  26. I went here today and it was amazing! The guides were so nice especially Roe. Would highly recommend. Cost came out to about $50/pp. Per their instructions, please do not film and be respectful of the rules. They do not allow videos!!

  27. great video! thanks for sharing. We are going there Sept 2015 after Zion National Park. Glad to see this preview

    1. @dougsfield We did the same thing. We left early in the morning and went to Lower Antelope Canyon. Dont forget to stop at Horseshoe Bend! Its right on the 89 near Antelope Canyon. It would be a shame to miss it! As for Zion, we have done Upper/Lower Emerald Pools, Riverside Walk, Weeping Rock, Angels Landing, and Observation Point. This year we are going to attempt The Narrows(if we make it). I remember seeing the trailhead for Hidden Canyon on our way to Observation Point.

    2. @dougsfield
      We are going to visit Lower Antelope Canyon the day we leave Zion (on our way to Bryce Canyon)

    3. @Prouisorsapientiae
      Been to Zion once before so this is a return trip. We are going to try the Hidden Canyon trail this time among others. Just have one full day there this time.

    4. @dougsfield Youll love it! Will it be your first time to Zion as well? We visit Zion every year. Its our favorite place to hike!

  28. Im planning on going here next month, and everyone in my group decided to go to lower canyon. Can you still take good shots of people and if the canyon itself in the lower canyon?

    1. We were not rushed at all…they said that it was going to be a hour and 15 minute tour, but I think we ended up being about 1 hr, 45min or longer

  29. Could you also please let me know if the GPS Nav works to this place to get help with directions?

    1. Mine did….its just past the Salt River Navajo Generating Station on the right….head west on AZ-98, go past the generating station (its a coal powered power plant, you cant miss it) take the next right on Rte 222, and then your next left, you can see the businesses set up to do tours. My personal favorite is the Dixie Ellis, lower Antelope Canyon Tours…its a small operation, the folks there are very personable and you dont feel rushed. All of the tours are just south of Lake Powell. There are several tour companies and some REQUIRE reservations. We were lucky to be able to just walk right in, pay for a tour and not have to wait very long….

  30. tour guides told us shooting video is not allowed, but taking pictures are ok, those fuckers doesnt know the difference..

  31. Can I bring my bose and listen to Phish for 13 hours for a certain price 🤔🤔
    Thank you for the awesome video!

  32. We went through the canyon yesterday. Just got home to Phoenix..
    WILDLY beautiful, but Im jealous that yours was so empty.
    The group right before us was a group of at least 50 (from Asia, God bless em) with other people behind us.
    Not sure what we got extra for the deluxe tour that was TWICE as expensive. Well, we DID get a goodie bag!

  33. Crazy there is a photographer who caught one of the same angles you did….

    1. I think most people who have visited capture the same angles, honestly. You can only take so many different pictures, especially in such a popular place like this.

  34. Did you take the photography tour or the regular one? Does the regular tour give you enough time to take plenty of photos? And at what time were you there, the lighting looks perfect! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for your help! Im flying to Vegas tomorrow for a 1 week roadtrip, and Ill be visiting Lower Antelope Canyon. I think the regular tour would be fine for me too. So excited! 🙂

    2. Just the regular tour. Im very familiar with my camera and its settings, so it was plenty of time for me. If you want to take tripod shots you will have to do the photography tour. We were there at around 8:30a.m. with the second group of the day.

  35. I know this is a really old video but you may see this comment. If you buy the photographer pass and get 2 hours in the canyon alone, and they are bringing new groups through on tours every 15 minutes, how is that possible?

  36. Hard to imagine anyone out of shape (overweight and weak) making it though places like at 7:45 in the video. Im curious about how they keep this place free of the urban scrawl that blights outdoor city walls. Is this place locked up at night to keep out taggers?

    1. @Noe Berengena I share the same sentiments. I see tagging and littering everywhere I go. It doesnt matter what country, and it doesnt matter how rural the area. Ill never understand the mentality of either.

    2. @Prouisorsapientiae Its good to know that there are precautionary measures to keep this natural area free of mindless defacements. I have a really low regard for taggers.

    3. @Noe Berengena You would be surprised. You would have to be overly obese to encounter problems. There are gates at the entrance, and past tagging is what caused the solution of charging an entrance fee, as it used to be free.

  37. This is really helpful! Planning to do this on Jan 15th, 2017. Any idea how doable this should be weather wise then? I plan to drive to this place from Grand Canyon in the morning and do the 10am tour and then drive back to Vegas.

    1. Thats unfortunate. I would go when you can spend more time around the area anyways. There is a lot to see and do in that region!

    2. @Jose
      i could not do it as the weather was stretch of the road was closed 🙁 some other time some other day 🙂

    3. Prouisorsapientiae thanks so much!! I just needed some validation for my plans … I have been told that the route I am planning to use, usually doesnt get snowstorms as Page is at a lower elevation compared to Sedona or Flagstaff…hopefully the weather stays okay …fingers crossed!

  38. Very detailed and helpful. Thank for sharing. I am going to visit there next week.

    1. @Amy Dai Im glad you found in informative. Have fun on your trip. It will be very busy for Memorial Day/week.

  39. Thank you for doing this video because I treally needed to know how tight and narrow it is my anxitiey would go through the roof  great job

  40. Great video!!
    I am planning to go next year, and this video makes me feel sure about it.
    Thanks! 🙂

  41. I just went here a few months ago, while you do not NEED reservations, I would highly recommend it. My tour was at 11am and the place was packed with people. Plus there was a chance of rain and my tour group was the last to go before they canceled them for the day. If you plan on going here, the tour guide said the best time to go is around 3. During mid-day the sun is directly above you and the light coming in makes it hard to take pictures above you without them being over or under exposed. The tour guides are awesome though and will help you take pictures. Remember to bring water because you will be down there a while. Also, dont worry about being over weight, there were bigger people in my group that did just fine. If you plan on spending the night, try to book early since they seem to fill up pretty quickly. I stayed out of town at the Marble Canyon lodge (45 mins away), which was cheaper, and you had BEAUTIFUL scenery during the ride there. While youre in the area, check out horseshoe bend on your way back.

    1. Antelope Canyon is a graveyard for the 11 people who drown there during a flash flood. Check the weather BEFORE going … no one else will do it for you. If theres rain anywhere north of this place, postpone your tour.

    2. +Julie N The reservations are a new addition. During the time of our visit, there were no reservations available. Only Upper Antelope Canyon provided this at the time. It sounds like you enjoyed your time there!

  42. Nice vid. Thanks. Quick question im getting mixed info re what you can and cannot bring. I read somewhere that you cant bring backpack. But i see the woman in front of you has one. So can you? When did you go there? Is this the special photographers tour where you pay more? Thanks!!

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