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  1. in Russia Putin is now called the bunker old man or the king of the toilet brush

    1. Thanks for your comment! Hopefully we will gradually be able to grow support for the cause in US, UK and Europe 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

    1. We are working on a proper (human) translation. Its actually a shame, Navalny is brilliant and very funny in the video and with crap subtitles, none of this comes through. Thanks for your support 🙏

    2. @Snapography Yes I noticed that.
      Youtube auto subtitles can be well off at times.

    3. Thanks. There are links already in the description and I regularly post it in the comments section too. YouTube doesnt pick up the original video in its normal search, just sometimes in the also viewed section 👍

  2. ? *_Исаия 5:8-10 Горе вам, прибавляющие дом к дому, присоединяющие поле к полю, так что [другим] не остается места, как будто вы одни поселены на земле. уши мои [сказал] Господь Саваоф: многочисленные домы эти будут пусты, большие и красивые–без жителей; десять участков в винограднике дадут один бат, и хомер посеянного зерна едва принесет ефу._*

  3. Navalny is a doll, a puppy of the American Government, its that simple and obvious.

  4. The sad thing is if Nalvany ran Russia they could be super power over USA and China but I leave you to your thoughts of their motives to keep this and sacrifice that.

  5. I watched the interview until 12:8 and I’ll watch the remaining after 3 months

  6. Stop warring about green energy. The country is in hands of maniacal midget. Navalny is in prison from now on for 3.5 years without parole. Focus on democracy.

  7. Этот дворец из прошлого , но не для будущего . Он для сказочников,,,,,,

  8. Right off the bat … hes not a President ! Hes a Dictator ! His title might say President make no mistake hes a dictator. How long has he been in charge ? Russia is the biggest lie in the world. The true GOOD people of Russia will oneday have there day.

    1. Thanks for your comment. If you would like to support the cause, please share this
      Its a link to a playlist of videos we are uploading of properly translated segments of the Putins Palace video. Many Thanks 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

  9. uma pena as legendas estarem meio zoadas
    verei mesmo assim ja que o alexei se empenhou tanto

    1. We have now uploaded a 1st episode translated by a human to English. With other language subtitles

  10. It seems the owner of the property was inspired from the movie Richie Rich and blowed up the original much bigger. ^^

  11. Next big news is the Putin is #7 in chain of command in Russia 🇷🇺.

    1. Tell me about it. We are working on a proper translation and slowing the video down. There is more info in the description and the pinned comment. Stay tuned 👍

    1. Thanks for your comment. If you would like to support the cause,  please share this 
      Its a link to a playlist of videos we are uploading of properly translated segments of the Putins Palace video. Many Thanks 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

  12. Wow, this movie is soooooo faaaakeeee! So FSB cant see the small boat and a drone? Nothing can come even close yet you came and take all the shots of the palace? And one funny thing – You got poisoned and survive, so Russians secret services are amateurs? The double-headed eagle is a Montenegrin symbol, anyone can view the Montenegrin flag online.

    1. Look at all the banks and businesses KGB I mean Kremlin went after because corruption. They just wanted assets.

    2. Thanks for your comment. If you would like to support the cause,  please share this 
      Its a link to a playlist of videos we are uploading of properly translated segments of the Putins Palace video. Many Thanks 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

  13. Can any one translate it in English please. Please. Please………….

  14. Excuse me .I had to vomit half way through .Hopefully the beginning of the end for the king of BS.

  15. In every country there is corruption. I dont believe it is Putins so-called palace! This is just one more ploy in the continuous aim to topple him.

  16. Subtitles are really crap, maybe you can put two lines of subtitles instead of one because its so hard to follow. But other than that the video is actually really good and informative.

    1. Im not an expert but I think YouTube doesnt pick it up in searches because of the language. That said it did yesterday, and this one didnt show up at all. Who knows? lol . If you can, would you share this one as much as possible. Another big day today. Navalny in court and rally outside 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

    2. @Snapography i actually have a question. What happened to the original video that got 100 million views? Thanks for the work, you are showing the world how corrupt Putin is.

    3. thanks for your feedback. Totally agree. We are translating it properly and it makes a huge difference. This is a link to the first episode
      Check it out and let us know what you think 👍

    1. @Snapography I am sorry because that rubbish called Navalny did not get 20.years of prison.

    2. Thanks for your comment. I am not sure I understand what you mean about fake cgi. Its very realistic, real cgi. At the beginning of that segment of the video Navalny clearly states they didnt have access to the interior and they are using cgi based on real architectural drawings.

      We are currently working on an improved translation of the video. If thats of interest this is a link to the playlist of segments translated so far

  17. I would like to inform you that this property is the sole ownership of my Patron. Who would like to keep his identity in private circle. Russia was chosen to host this investment as safe heaven if the world plunged in political disturbance and security uncertainty. As we see Russia is taking a wise route in a time the whole world is facing great challenges threatening safety and security of humans and humanity.

  18. Ive been saying fk putin for years and now the whole country crumbles and fights lmao

    1. Thanks for your comment. If you would like to support the cause,  please share this 
      Its a link to a playlist of videos we are uploading of properly translated segments of the Putins Palace video. Many Thanks 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

  19. Navalny got cojones!!! USA needs a real leader like him!!! Usa must not reject him!!!

    1. Yes, he needs more support from the US. If you are able can you share this video as much as possible. We are shortly uploading a proper English translation version which will be much easier to follow. In the meantime we need eyeballs! Many thanks for your comment 🇷🇺🙏🇺🇸

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, its done by computer. We are in the process of translating the video properly. The first 3 episodes are now live. Hopefully you will get a lot more out of these. It is a superb video and I dont think people outside Russia understand that.

  20. It is in the hands of the countrymen. As soon as people of the country decide it is the end of this villian. No power, no Dynasty, no government, no individual , no leader is more powerful than the unity of common man. Hope the countrymen stand with you and with your idea for now and forever no matter which leader comes into picture. There should be power shifting from one to other to prevent building of such corrupt politician. More power to you and your supporters.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Were translating this video at the moment (and slowing it down) to make it more accessible. This is a link to the first episode . Share if you can 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

    1. Yes, its not hard to find. We have just uploaded a much better translation version, running more slowly. Its being released in approx 20m chucks with the 2nd part on Thursday . Please share if you are able. He got jailed tonight for 3 years

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are gradually translating the original video and slowing it down so its easier to follow, into about 20min episodes. Playlist link

  21. This is one of the most important films of our times. Maybe someone with good knowledge of Russian and English could write better subtitles?

    1. Putin denies documents because when he worked as basically a killer or Hitman there was no ID card he carried.

    2. @tropickman sure. Why do you think thats impossible? Watch the godfather, you will know.

    3. @Marc Hannemann Belongs indirectly? Do you even know how ownership works?

    4. ​@Marc HannemannBelong indirectly? Do you even know how ownership works?

      Who needs reasoning and factual evidence when you can just spin wild conspiracy theories?!

    5. Of course, nothing belongs to Putin directly, but indirectly all of it, via his utterly corrupt nomenklatura.

    1. Yes, the video was sped up making it difficult for a machine translation. Its also too fast for most people to read easily. The original version has manual subtitles in English which are better, so maybe German too…. still v fast. (See link in description) I uploaded proper German subtitles to our English version in episode one (along with other major languages) but we stopped because they were hardly used. This is a link to the playlist which has at least decent German and a slower speed in the first episode

  22. The owner of the palace admitted that Putin is not the owner, Navalny is just pathetic.

  23. I mean come on didnt we already know putin must have built a huge Palace for himself with all the corruption he has caused, killings, ect.

    1. Worth watching this…. we have slowed it down and added human subtitles. Thanks for your comment.

  24. Stop ravaging Putin reputation
    Majority of Russian knows that whats the reality,
    How much did you got 10 million dollor or 100 million dollar from West for this propaganda

    Give me.. just one million
    I will prepare a better video in concise format ,with perfect paper nd High quality drone shot of a luxurious palace,worth 2 billion being yours🤟🏻

    1. Thanks for your comment. You forgot to leave your bank account details 😉

  25. I hope Weird Al Yancovic makes a song about this.

    Putin on the Ritz

  26. I have a question for you navalny… Where were you when putin and other past leader were finding Russia after that horrible break up of USSR… The country crumbled in 1991, the oligarchs came in huge investment done, economy blooming against better than the USSR becoming on of the most influential countries in the world… I ask again where were you… A shit man in front of camera

  27. Corruption is not the worst thing.
    Have you heard about Litvinenko?
    On YouTube there is a film in English: assassination of russia (blowing up russia) HQ. 62 thousand views (more than a million in the Russian version), video from eight years ago. By the way, in Russia, the book on which the film was shot is recognized as extremist. 🙃

    1. Putin is purposely blatant to intimidate others. In the 2000s there was a large group of well known Russians in London who were critics. Often on TV etc. They are all either dead now or silent. There is also Mikel Kordakosky who was being given toxins while in prison which destroyed his health. Thats my worry for Navalny, or Covid. The doctor who saved Navalny last year, died last week suddenly, supposedly of covid. I could go on…….. Thanks again for your comments and support 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

    2. @Snapography I think you can guess what the russian propaganda said about this case, that the British themselves poisoned them and now compromises Putin.
      Then rt removes interviews with the poisoner, who are supposedly just tourists and wanted to see the Salisbury Spire. From their speech, from their facial expressions, it is clear that this is a very bad acting game and they have typical behavior for people from law enforcement agencies. Even those Russians who believed that this could really be some kind of Western trick, disbelieved in it

    3. Btw there was another case a couple of years ago in Salisbury, also Novichok. Father/daughter targeted because they were critics of Putin. fortunately they both survived but sadly a local woman handled the bottle the poison was in and she died.

    4. Yes living in London I remember it well. I actually agree with you…. stopping Putin murdering people and free & fair press /elections are what really matter. This is a link to a better translation were are currently working on. First 3 episodes are uploaded. Please share if you can. Its super important to raise international awareness 🇷🇺👍🇷🇺 playlist link

  28. I think, it is not a secret the fact that Putin is a former KGB agent. Every communist, Polish former SB agents, russian KGB agents or DDR Stasi….all were living on much, much higher level then average citizens. They were living in expensive appartments. Most of villas were occupied by members of communist party and those who collaborated with them. Do you remember the palace of Rumunia communist dictator NICOLAE CEAUSESCU? Did you see his PALACE in where bathroom faucet was made from pure gold? This is how communists were living, while at the same time, they washed peoples brain saying that they are supporting working class etc

    Communists were allowed to travel around the World, while average citizen had to apply for passport and very few who received such permission even for 2 weeks vacation.

    Today, marxists rebuilding their power again. Todays leftists are the same marxists as those from beyond pieriestroyka in 1989. That UE celebrates the birth of Carol Marx and Engels – the phylosophers whose idea was put into liofe by one of the biggest mass-murderers Lenin in Sowiet Russia in 1917. Therefore, it is nothing surprise for me seeing such PALACE and no surprise that it could be a Putins property.

    1. Lol There is info pinned in the comments section and in the description. Stay tuned for the human version 👍

  29. How about a documentary on how oligarchs raped and plundered Russia until putin came along and chased them out, while they all piss off to their gangster friends in britain? How about an honest documentary on corruption instead of a man who clearly is in the service of a foreign power, not just against the russian president but its people too. Navalny is a traitor to russia. He should be kissing putins ass that he only got 3 years when treson usually costs your life

    1. We have a translated version which has been slowed. Link in the description. 👍

  30. God Bless Russia 🇷🇺❤️ Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

    Navalny is a good man, he will change Russia soon, I support Navalny ❤️


  31. I am not hopeful for a post-Putin Russia. The Communist Party might pull off a coup and bring back the USSR. Why do I say this? This is the year of the Phoenix. It makes too much sense. The CCP invades Taiwan this year. Biden and the Far Left now control the US with almost zero opposition. That sets the stage for the triumphant return of the USSR with a vast majority of Russians approving the change.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We are currently working on an improved translation of the video. If thats of interest this is a link to the playlist of segments translated so far

  32. Where did the unemployed Russian citizen Navalny get the funds and secret information to make this huge documentary?

  33. Navalny pick up a wrong strategy to fight. This video is total crap. Where did he get these pictures from. What wrong building a mansion?

    1. As mentioned the interior is cgi based on architectural drawings. If you had difficulty following the subtitles this is a link to a proper translation, slowed down to make it easier to follow. Thanks for your comment.

  34. It belongs to private company. Its supposed to be hotel. You believe every bullshit that thief Navalny tella you…

  35. Das Video ist ein Fake: Hier wird nicht mal auf Richtigkeit geachtet. Minute 59:40 – Das Wappen über dem Tor ist das von Montenegro und nicht von Russland. Achtet mal auf die Mitte des Wappens und vergleicht selber. Wenn Nawalny ein echter Russe ist und das Video selbst mitgestaltet hat, müsste er doch sein eigenens Wappen kennen. Hat mal wieder ein US Delitant das Video geschnitten. Nawalny und seine Unterstützer gehören alle für immer eingesperrt. Sie sind keine Politiker sondern vom Westen finanzierte Agenten die Russland destabilisieren sollen und es spalten so das der Westen wie in den 90ger an Russlands Bodenschätze kommen und zwar möglichst kostenlos. Das gleiche hat man mit der Ukraine gemacht. Man installiert in den Ländern Menschen die dem Westen zugeneigt sind und die dann das Land ausverkauft. Die Liste der Länder ist sehrt lang die der sogenannte Westen ausgeraubt hat. Die Schaden dem Land mehr als der Putin mit seinen Freunden wenn sie Geld klauen. Alleine die Sanktionen usw. kosten das Land weitere Milliarden € und $

    Google translator englisch:

    The video is a fake: It is not even paid attention to correctness. Minute 59:40 – The coat of arms above the gate is that of Montenegro and not Russia. Pay attention to the middle of the coat of arms and compare it yourself. If Navalny is a real Russian and helped create the video himself, he should know his own coat of arms. Another US delitant cut the video. Navalny and his supporters should all be locked up forever. They are not politicians but agents financed by the West who are supposed to destabilize Russia and so divide the West as in the 90s to get Russias natural resources and free of charge. The same has been done with Ukraine. You install people in the countries who are inclined to the West and who then sell out the country. The list of countries that the so-called West has robbed is very long. It hurts the country more than Putin and his friends if they steal money. The sanctions etc. alone cost the country another billion euros and dollars.

    Google translator russisch:

    Ролик – фейк: даже не обращено внимания на правильность. Минута 59:40 – Герб над воротами – герб Черногории, а не России. Обратите внимание на середину герба и сравните сами. Если Навальный настоящий русский и сам помогал создавать видео, он должен знать свой герб. Другой делитант США вырезал видео. Навальный и его сторонники должны быть навсегда заперты. Они не политики, а финансируемые Западом агенты, которые должны дестабилизировать Россию и так разделить Запад, как в 90-е годы, чтобы получить природные ресурсы России и бесплатно. То же самое было сделано с Украиной. Вы устанавливаете людей в странах, которые склонны к Западу, а затем продают страну. Список стран, которые ограбил так называемый Запад, очень велик. Когда воруют деньги, стране больнее, чем Путин и его друзья. Только санкции и т. Д. Стоили стране еще миллиарда евро и долларов.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. In Ep3 Navalny does state they have used cgi based on architectural drawings because they didnt have access. In any case it would not be rational to dismiss the issue entirely because of one relatively small detail. If you have spotted more important inconsistencies please let us know. Its good to have the a range of views. Ep4 is be published tomorrow. This is a link to the playlist

    1. We have been putting out a new translation and a slower video. We did consider voice over briefly but decided it didnt work; and muting Navalny didnt seem like a good idea lol. Heres the link

  36. I’m trying my best to follow the subtitles, but in any event, that house is ridiculous. And if Putin is saying it’s not his, then who owns it, Santa Claus? 😂. Good job Alexie. Your fellow countrymen definitely need you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Check this out instead. Much easier to follow. Ep1

  37. The problem is all Russians leaders starting from Lenin finishing by
    Putin, all of then were/are midgets. All of them have a symptoms of schizophrenia they developed based on there looks. That leads to dictatorship and leaves no feeling beyond it. Ether kill millions of people or steal national reaches it is the same for midgets.

  38. all dictator ambition lead the same way, a big palace with lots of woman, Putin is no exception

  39. Там нет такового дворец и все было нарисовано в 3D

    1. Yes, he creates big problems for machine generated subtitles. Im editing his video to slow it down. Ive just uploaded the first episode.Check it out.

  40. Schicke 3D animation. Ein paar Stunden am Computer gesessen? Bravo!!!

  41. WOW. He just ripped Putin to shreds. So sad for Russians but that palace will be a feast for the eyes.

    1. Hes hilarious at times. We have been translating it to make it easier to follow. You really can get a sense of how sharp he is and a great storyteller. If you can, share as much as possible. 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺 A link to the playlist

  42. …. was bist du denn für ein Ar …..och , wer gibt dir das Recht eigenes Volk
    an den verlogenen und arroganten Westen zu verkaufen ! ?

  43. Only idiot can make this film, English words not properly translated to Russian. Bulgarian Erb on Gate hahaha.

  44. I especially liked the coat of arms at the palace of the president of Russia… Montenegro)) What idiots is this film designed for?))

    1. Spoken like a true agent of Putin. Your comment should not be highlighted, many go straight to the comments to be distracted and discouraged by your words.THERE ARE ENGLISH AND OTHER VIDEO VERSIONS ON YOUTUBE.

    2. You are absolutely right. This is a expertly put together doc but it doesnt work for non Russian speakers. We are currently editing it and translating it to make it more accessible. The first installment is already live. Let us know what you think.

  45. Hablar mal de Putin e inventar un castillo para que los rusos se levanten es muy mala idea. Apoyo total a Putin desde 🇲🇽

  46. this is nothing but lies and propaganda dressed up by the same group thats been trying to plunder Russia for centuries i think you find its in london. How many of you buy this garbage and believe it or are you all just western paid trolls.

    1. Thanks for your support. We are currently translating this into slower easier to follow subtitles. Please share to raise awareness in the USA, super important! This is a link to the playlist which has 3 episodes uploaded. 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺

    1. @Billy Many thanks for your comment. I agree. I learned a lot more in the process. Really appreciate your support. Share as often as possible and keep Navalny on peoples radar 🇷🇺🙏🇷🇺 Playlist link

  47. How all are writing here about regime change sounds like Ot-por and the US secrete services have their hands in the game. Putin is no good president but far better as being a vasall state to the USA.

  48. Sounds like this guy is taking aim to discredit Putin, than focusing on matters that would be important to the country. If one has to spend that much time focusing on so—called facts, then he isn’t letting his own work speak for itself. This is anger on Navalny’s part and could be taken care of by a good therapist. Forward movement can be found in truth, and creative programming.

    1. Thanks for the support. Were publishing an easier to follow, better translation in shorter episodes. Ep4 out tomorrow. Please share them as often as possible. It will make a difference! The playlist link

  49. Fake mews from bidens liberals destabilise russia.navalnij is trained by cia

    1. Yes, the translations is machine generated. We are in the process of translating the whole video properly. We have just uploaded the 1st installment. Let us know what you think.

  50. Mogul Arkady Rotenberg hes the real owner of a Black Sea property. Speculation about the site has gone on for a decade. 😅😅😅😅.

    1. Thanks for your comment. In episode 4 , Navalny covers this issue in full. We will be uploaded this episode soon. Link to the playlist

  51. Putin first tried to kill this politician. Failed and He came back (huge nuts) only to be arrested. Then in Putins clutches puts the video out. What a stone cold dude… Usa supports Alexi.

    1. This is pretty much a good summary of my sentiments too. We are currently working on a more accessible English tralated version. Most of the audience is in Europe at the moment. If you could share this video as much as possible that would be really helpful. US public opinion could play an important part on how this plays out. Many thanks for your comment 🇷🇺🙏🇺🇸

  52. Navalny is the new Russian hero after being back to Russia and imprisoned immediately and Putin is now considered the most cynical person after all he did… 😢 he just can’t tolerate any competition. This is a weakness 😒

  53. WOW .It almost seems like an alien takeover. Alexi Navalny ..could be the Russian savior!

  54. 48 mn 51 sec Laigle est celui des armoiries du Monténégro et non de la Russie , le doute s’installe sur la véracité de cette vidéo !

  55. Western Bullshit, for degenerates…..

    Smells more and more after Goebbels…..

    1. Yes, they are a nightmare. Were in the process of doing a human translation. The 1st part is now live, hopefully you will have a better experience. Thanks for your feedback. Follow the link

  56. The amount of money the russian people will be expected to pay in taxes towards the mentanence of the opulence here … goodness , Putin is a Czar.

    1. Yes not good. We are working on a proper translation. We have two episodes live if you are interested. Its way more interesting than you expect!

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