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  1. I love this song I listen to Song all day and Not get bored of it rest in peace Pop smoke

  2. El comentario en español que buscabas, y que viniste por el golpe del casino

  3. %10 people who knew the song before gta put it in the game
    %7838786683 people who only know the song from gta

  4. This video is literally you and your gang in los santos turnt after that diamond casino heist

  5. First time I did the casino heist I heard this I was like what is this song it’s fire 5 minutes later I was just grinding preps and I was like I gotta know this song

  6. I was here after I listened to ifruit radio go listen to it

  7. I haven’t done the casino heist in 3 days I can’t hear the song 🙁

  8. Man I love seeing black people doing good for themselves, especially after all weve been through

  9. When I had heard this on gta I had turn up my tv got in my Lamborghini I started vibin with it

  10. me and my homies after playing the diamond casino heist for the second time

  11. who else found the name of the music in the ifruit radio and searched it up

  12. Right after the most beautiful heist in history: me and the boys and that one guy who uses a girl character

  13. Pov: Me and the boys after completing the heist then realising lester took all our cut

  14. me and my cousin in the arcade after doing the diamond casino heist for the 10th time

  15. is it just me or do the other copies of this song speed it up or sound sped up

  16. Im here after doing the heist cos I got bored on GTA (diamond casino heist)

  17. The first time I heard this song from gta 5 I didnt know it was pop smoke till then

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  1. Im sure youre so excited to be back in the casinos!! Stay safe! Love ya! 🙏😘💙

  2. No coronavirus cases were seen on the Coeur d’Alene Reservation or in Benewah County, KREM reported earlier this week. Kootenai County, where the casino is located, saw some 62 cases of coronavirus as of Friday.

    1. @Brian Christopher Slots Thanks you! I just want you to be honest to your viewers.

    2. Youre right. We were mistaken and have updated our messaging. There have been zero deaths in the entire Idaho panhandle and a very small number of cases in the area. Guess we need to brush up on our Idaho geography 😉

  3. I just watched one of your group pulls, and i noticed that each player stood beside you for their turn, But you were pushing the buttons for them,,,, never seen this before, and i was wondering why?. Why werent they able to push the buttons for their turn? I beleive they each put in $500. and it was $50. a spin????

  4. brian you shuold take some gloves :)- wen you touch the slots machines is safer

    1. So long as I’m not touching my face and washing my hands often, I feel safe

  5. I so enjoy watching you, Brian. Are you aware of a YT channel EZSLOTS? It seems hes engaging in slanderous/libelous postings directed at you. Get your Attorneys on him! He appears to me as a whiny, obsessive nut with NO credibility. Good Luck Brian.😘

  6. 🥰😁💵💰🥰🥰 say hello to Marco, now that jackpot💵💵💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  7. When casinos re-open they are going to take a lot money from us.. All the slots are empty now did u see how Christofer lost his $1000 so fast. So I advice you guys to have patience slots are not fun slots are destroying people Lives…when you win your happy when your losing u bet more more more thats how u become gambler.. Take care guys.. Play for fun not for money.

    1. @Brian Christopher Slots _ I use to think it like that but after 6 years of going the Casino and watched lots you guys videos , I am broke and in debt , fortunately there has been a lock down , all the Casinos are closed , I have been able to pay some of my debt and still have money to spend other than feeding them Machines in the Casino _ This Pandemic has changed my perspective on how to manage my money wisely , and I hope to keep it that way _ I think we need more help than the Casinos, but every one has their opinion to believe !

    2. Not true at all. They have not made the machines tighter or looser.

  8. Cómo estás amigo espero que bien saludos desde Zapopan jalisco Mexico mi nombre es Fernando Arciniega Aguilar.

  9. Do you know what states have casinos open? I know 1 casino has opened in Oklahoma but the others in the state remain closed

  10. Nice to see you back in the saddle, now line it up & win bigTime!!! Of Course, Be Safe too!

  11. Damn everyone here is like casino people.
    I was just watching csgo gambling and stumbled upon this video.

    For all the oldies csgo is a video game

  12. Things going to be diferent Glad now the casino are more clean than before I hope people who smoke stop for the health of everybody

  13. A new rudies member but wasn’t able to get the extra rudies special live. Didn’t even get a hello.

  14. Thanks for going live Brian. So nice what you have been doing the last couple nights for the staff at casino and now for the Covid donations. Stay safe , stay healthy. We will be watching 😊❤️🍀🍀🍀

  15. You have totally inspired my husband and I we are going out there from CA on sunday WE MISS GAMBLING!! LOL

  16. How long does it take to get your money from chunba?

    1. About 3-4 business days personally, though they say it could be longer


  18. Enjoy. Today I just discovered some of the Youtube slot bullies and I am disgusted by them and their comments. They are just jealous of you.

    1. @buffalo gold I wont say but I was just horrified to see this and hear the nasty, vile vomments from these people who are obviously jealous of Brians success. I reported their posts though I doubt it will do much good. If they spent more time on their own channel instead of worrying about Brian they would be better off. Jealousy is so clear in people who have it.

  19. Hey Brian, glad to see an actual open casino… We cannot wait till the Suncoast Casino opens here in Summerlin, or any other Las Vegas casino, but that is were we win all the time. Amanda, and I hope you, your family, and friends are all doing well through all this 😁👍👍👍👍👍

  20. As long as you’re staying safe and following all precautions then I don’t see an issue. I can’t wait to get back to the casino

  21. Hi Brian from Oregon. Just subscribed. We watch everyday. You are Beautiful ! So positive & funny. You & Brit are a crackup. Glad you dont take yourself so seriously. Kind & silly you are. Thanks for the live stream, Kristin & Scott

  22. I’m making mask…I can make you a better one than that. I will surprise you with a cool design. Good luck and welcome back to gambling.

    1. kissy kat Someone needs to. Surprised he put the mask on and not even think that it’s I’ll fitting.

  23. A face mask outside of a sterile controlled environment doesn’t work.
    Especially if you’re touching everything and removing/putting your mask back on.
    What a hoax !

  24. Brian don’t touch your face your nose or your mouth after you touch the front of your mask honey bunches

  25. Casinos = Social LiFe! My city has been so BorinG without fun night adventures!👍

  26. Thanks for playing Little Green Men…it brings back memories of my early slot playing days.

  27. So sorry I missed you but thank you I love this place . Good luck always

  28. Brian will be live from Coeur dAlene Casino in Idaho. We are taking all possible precautions to ensure the safety of all those involved, including following all guidelines and regulations from local governments and medical experts. Coeur dAlene is taking MANY steps to ensure this is a safe environment for all guests, including extensive cleaning, limiting capacity, temperature checks, and mask requirements.

    Only you can decide when it is safe for you personally to return to the casino. We all have different risk factors and must evaluate our own circumstances as we move forward into a new normal. Our goal with these live streams is to report on the steps casinos are taking to responsibly reopen and provide not just a fun, but also a safe environment for their guests.

    If you are in the area, please do not come specifically to see Brian and if you choose to visit the casino, please follow social distancing guidelines. He does not have wristbands and will not be able to do selfies/hugs/etc. We look forward to visiting the area again in the future!

    1. Hi brian i know you play chumba slots .. How long does it usually take to get money back from them?

  29. This is my local. Kinda bummed that I was there probably just a day before you. Did you get special privileges to record or is this a record friendly casino and I just didn’t know?

    1. I received special permission as this is the first time they have ever let anyone film.

  30. How do they limit the people going in? Do the others just wait outside til someones done? That might be a long time..

  31. Northern Quest in Spokane is open and you dont have to wear a mask I just came home from there Brian check it out since your in my neck of the woods.

  32. GUSTAVO_TOOLS on Instagram helped me to stop gambling and he helped me invest in bitcoin I now earn enough to pay my bills.

  33. Thanks for taking a picture with us there it was awesome to meet you !

  34. I live in Canada and our casino are not open right now.l want to be playing ,so l am jealous right now .have fun ,be safe

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