Casino com torneio diário

Portaria /, – DRE

disponíveis no spinner diário são: Bilhetes de Torneio, FreePlay de Casino, Freerolls dão acesso para o torneio Cume que decorre no Domingo. Torneio diário de slots de freeroll casino com torneio diário $ no Slots Billion Casino. 55x Jogue pelo Cassino € Max CashOut bônus exclusivo: EUR. Junte-se a nós para Drops & Wins diários e Torneios semanais de slots online no Bob Casino.

X Sorteios Diários com montante de prémios de €/$.

Os opc (Órgãos de Polícia Criminal): Jogos – Legislação Policial

Casino online com bónus de dinheiro real, sem necessidade de depósito. Pagamento rápido do E ainda o Bônus Torneio Diário, Chipre. Os serviços jurídicos.


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  2. Can we make Degen and Mush face masks?!?!

    Dude Im sorry you didnt win. Amazing to even be nominated so try to remember that and all the great things that have happened. We love you, Ryan!!

  3. Jesus my guy came from dirt, from beefing w ny poker king to the big show.

  4. You are banned from future play at Global Poker and from making purchases of Gold Coins. Any remaining balance in your account has now been confiscated.

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  6. I literally feel that Jonathan little is high-functioning autistic. Please somebody tell me how the funniest gambling poker vlogger in the history in the history of poker vlogging does not win. Watching Jonathan little is like watching a socially awkward PhD student giving his lesson on microeconomic theory. Like Jesus Christ 😂😂😂.

    1. Thats interesting. You mean hes in his own thoughs, not paying attention to others but the high functioning means they can still function in this world?

  7. Great video Ryan. Youve come a long way from those degen trips to Parx! It is nice seeing live poker in this video – cant wait until its back!

  8. No offense to Johnathan little because i follow him too..but hes a teacher..not a funny dude like you ryan. Personality should be who makes u one makes you laugh more than depaulo degenerate gambler..whoever makes gambling look fun should always get the win. Thats what bring the fish in. Come on..snub

  9. How the hell cant you get your own room with those stupid machine loses?

  10. Ying to the MF ing Yang Ryan , I can’t believe your nominated for awards , no actually I can because I knew you where the chit back in the empire city rapid roulette days !! Love ya kid

  11. Ryan, One of your videos got placed in my feed a couple days ago, wasnt sure why, but now I know!!! You are my twin! Lol Cant stop watching your videos, frigging crack me the truck up! I have to drive by the Hard Rock Casino every night (Tampa FL) when I get off from work, go to the card room, will play 3-4 hours 1-2 table or lower, and walk out with 15-25 bucks some nights. Then I always stop at one of my fav slot machines and make $300-$400 bucks? WTF! But most nights I will lose the small $$ I make playing slots after grinding @ the tables. Then someone will walk by that I just got done playing cards with and look at me with distaste! Sometimes I will lie and say my girlfriend is in the pisser, just passing the time..
    Anyway keep up the great work, looks like you take some time doing your edits, and your buddies only add to the comedy! Your channel will take off to the moon, mark my word! Sincerely, Kevin, Degenerate Gambler

    1. Kevin Ichter Dear Kevin Degenerate Gambler I dont always open notifications of comments on my phone but when I do I prefer Dos Equis. They paid me to say that but for real appreciate your comment man I’m glad youtube recommended me to you finally and appreciate you taking the time to tell me.

      Also I relate a lot to being Degen shamed by Regs lol. The way you describe your day I’m almost lucky I live so far from live poker I’m thinking haha. I’d be there everyday with you if it was close to me.
      Good luck in your Degen journey man thanks again for taking the time to comment and maybe I’ll see you in Tampa one day I know you guys have some good series down there

  12. Im amazed you didnt win man, that chain and blue sport wife beater? I mean come on man you got style. Messed up you got robbed

  13. Not in a million years would I ever play video poker. It takes a game of mostly skill and turns it into a 100% game of luck for the player and 100% riggable by whatever casino is hosting the machine

  14. If it wasnt for video poker i would not be sweating a thing. Sick fucks we be.

  15. Im not even a poker player but Ive been watching and lovin your vids for years man! I wished you would have won the award but next year man! I laugh so hard every time I watch your vids!! 🙂 Keep doing your damage and all of us will keep watchin 🙂 And do a vlog or dialogue with D-negs sometime! I cant be the only person who would love to see you 2 crazies get together and talk or play poker – or just hang! Fan from Canada bro – Thumbs UP

  16. I think its time to quit video poker and play a real skill game.. like roulette (;

  17. Yo who the fuck is that little dude that won. Fuck that guy. My nigga parkour got robbed.

  18. How did you not win that?? Jonathan little? The most boring “news cast” looking all serious looking got touched when he was younger looking no personality having ass?? Like what??

  19. What a shit show. I wouldn’t have even went there with all them phony ass poker people

  20. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the casinos I was at today and the measures we had to take- it was a little slow but it will ramp up.

    Be safe!

  21. J.little is about as entertaining as a potato and his game sucks, he def paid bots to vote for him.

  22. Ariel Helwani is a fanboy. He was trying to come off as lowkey, but he was giggling and doing parkour off cam.

  23. Learn how to play craps . A real degen game with low house edge . Tons of fun with a 600-700 $ bankroll

  24. Imagine blowing ur 200k score on a shady off shore site 😂 ohh wait…

  25. Its news you have been fan voted Degen of the Year! Congrats. Keep vloging. Only recognized one other of the entrants.

  26. Sorry you didnt win man! Played well in the tourney! I love the VP play though! LOL

  27. Bro Ive been playing and watching poker forever, nobodys fucking with you personality wise man… youre the shit. Thanks for your videos man, they make life better

  28. Ryan’s acceptance speech if he had won: “Thank you to everyone who voted for me! And thank you to the Borgata security for constantly catching me recording and eventually banning me. The added cat and mouse drama definitely helped increase the number of subscribers to my channel. But at the same time, 🤬🤬🤬 you Borgata for banning me!!! Why do you hate all the free publicity I give you?!?!?”

  29. I’ve said this on two other videos but that outro is probably the funniest fucking thing you’ve ever done , and if I see you in AC I’m stealing you

  30. I feel bad Ryan. I wish i would of put my vote in for you. I could tell you were super bummed when you didnt win. Ive binge watched ALL your videos and I havent watched a single video of Jonathon Littles and I never will so I hope that cheers you up

  31. How do you not play the Parkour sound effect wen the bird flew from ledge to ledge???


  33. ill bowl tom for some money. lmk when you guys head out to vegas next. im in so cal so its not too bad a drive. ive also got two sanctioned 300 games so will prob be a good match

  34. I met a guy named Ali at the cosmopolitan he plays horses 🐴 nice guy can’t be the same Ali right ??

  35. Casino coin (CSC) will be the a global regulated gambling digital coin. IT was confirmed to run on the XRP ledger! CASINO COIN!

  36. Doug Polk quit poker and poker vlogging because of you! lol Hes jealous that he didnt win the vlog award. Hes a little cry baby.

  37. Jonathan Little out of those 4 choices? I thought for sure Lex or Joey. Sorry Ryan.

  38. Yo dog I want to order some degen gear but your link you posted takes me to some, sketch lookin sites haha email me I wanna order some fits

  39. Personality of the year! This has to be before you won a bracelet in your car?!! You got all the personality!

  40. Jonathan Little…… if you want advice on how to lose and be bored by the most undeserving arrogant bullshitter yes then he deserves to win. This whole sharade was too serious anyway, its gambling, not achievements in medical research.

  41. Sorry BRO that you didnt win. You should have your videos are the BOMB!!!!!

  42. Ryan congrats man
    Joey Thanks buddy, sorry you didnt win, I thought you were going to win
    R yeah me too
    J …

  43. Dude you need to edit this into a parkour video. .35 of this video is the most epic old school parkour ever from 1997 . She was 20 years before her time and yours for PARKOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Did you purposely try to look like Rain Man or is that just a coincidence lol??? Tom (also tom) Cruise bringing rain man (rdp) down the escalator to Vegas lolol. Suit game is on point

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