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NET mod, you will be Fallout new vegas casino cards to select the outfit of the Player via a menu by hitting. É um aplicativo gratuito para smartphones e tablets com. Last edited: Mar 16, Credits to spaceeinstein for finding outfits. Desta forma, lhe encaminharemos para o site da Ligth.

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What platforms does it support. The mod includes additional details for Michael’s house. E com certeza, esta sendo uma tarifa de suas.


  1. The flashlight is ruining my watch experience. Ox could you turn it off from time to time while showing us people/things? I understand it’s needed while playing and you do a great job!!! Love the channel brother

  2. These are vicious pests, that must be exterminated…

    Doom soundtrack begins playing

  3. Maybe the one is one of the nuclear bombs mr house sent a shutdown code to

  4. we see some vicious coyotes
    oxhorn: stabs a puppy and its parents with a knife

  5. Oxhorn if you look to the bomb The One there is a Vault-Tec logo on the side of it did Vault-Tec worked with the Chinese?

  6. Wasn’t the Yangtze the Submarine in fallout 4 that dropped the bombs???

    1. Because coyotes are just dog a who eat dogs cats and other animals that are vicous killers

  7. sucks that The One is WW exclusive, doesnt explain the feral ghouls so close to the area without it, what could it be a reference to if its WW only? usually WW stuff is related to movies or makes pop culture references, therefore this is one mystery that has gone unsolved.

  8. Is it just me? or does the unmarked shack look like part of a big passenger plane?

  9. Yeah maybe talking about how you found the best minigun in the game, doesn’t sound so strong when you get eviscerated by deathclaws

  10. Nice aim with those iron sights. Looks likethats the only thing you can aim. A normal sniper rifle and you cant hit a bottle from point blank

  11. Makes me wish my Xbox 360 still worked, so I could re-play these Fallout games.

  12. Did not show or say that if early on you have sneek into the shack by the cross. Or giant scorpions get you going in. Or even when you think your safe. They get you when you come out.

  13. I just wanted to point out at 6:10 you can see Andrew Ulysses on the memorial and that reminded me of how good Lonesome Road was LOL

  14. Uhhhh….why is there a Vault-Tec Logo on the One?

    *Warning: Redicilous Theory Below*

    So that makes me think, maybe vault tec dropped some bombs themselves, so they could keep people in thier vaults and get more money, or as a I told you so. Or maybe they put that unexploded bomb there to see how survivors would react to it. Maybe they were in cahoots with China. I dont really know

  15. Oxhorn your aim in fallout games is other worldly love your videos man always will be a fan

  16. 13:30: Oxhorn finds undetonated nuclear warhead. Climbs on top of it, jumps on it and fires weapons at it 😂😂😂
    I totally got a Wile E. Coyote vibe on that one 🤣🤣🤣 It would have been perfect if it had detonated 🙂 Brilliant video as always Oxhorn!!

  17. Unoccupaid bed… ‘not bad’ then Oxhorn looks at Shannon Rose and the bed lol

  18. Ooooooo… I’ll get my legionaries on that right away the NCR won’t know what hit em

  19. Your new vegas looks so nice. Every other youtuber has these disgusting textures that are just way too detailed… even for the sake of realism there is too much. And they have these over the top lighting mods that make everything near impossible to see in a video. Yours almost looks like fallout 4. Not sure if its even modded much at all, been so long since i played it but its refreshing to see it like this.

  20. Lol imagine if u in real life lived in Boston
    And played fallout 4 until Boston was bombed what a coincidence

    Like if joe mama’s agree 🙂👌

  21. Only thing I have wrong with fallout is how the shotgun spread isnt in my opion good

  22. If “The One” is canon, the way fallout games and the fallout universe would’ve been changed had it actually gone off, would have changed everything!

  23. in my game it had a group of super mutents near by, and there isnt a pristine party hat, I looked

  24. The shack next to the Yangtze Memorial was my home base for most of the game lol.

  25. I used the CZ57 avenger with armor piercing rounds during the second battle of hoover dam, it made centurions explode.

  26. How did you get your game graphics to be so bright and if it’s a mod can you do it on Xbox 1 and 360

  27. I’m still playing morrowind and oblivion and the sub is pronounced yongsuh

  28. I love how amused oxhorn is by looking at humans ripped to pieces and dismembered

  29. Why is it that these miniguns and Gatling lasers and such in Fallout seem to come with a backpack but there’s no use for it. I hate how we have to reload the ammo on the weapons instead of a belt fed or energy fed system to these weapons. We should be able to fire the weapons with all the ammo we have on us without having to reload.

  30. Is it just me or does Oxhorn’s courier seriously need some nail clippers?

  31. I picked up this game when it went on sale, last week and I’m honestly enjoying the game so far. Pains me to say it but I’m enjoying it more than fallouts 4 and 76, but I definitely am going to return to 76 though.

  32. Man thats worse than being blasted to bits by the gnaser shotgun from the Gears of war series

  33. I thought the bomb said 6666, making it Satans Missile.

  34. yourre just in time for your ass whipping
    Dont threaten me with a good time

  35. Really late and dunno if anyones pointed this out but you missed the bright follower body in the goodsprings cave

  36. Tonight on the news:Angelic bearded man stabs coyotes and heads into cave

  37. 10:37 i think theres an inverted normal on one of the like rod things bcus you can see thru the front and can see the back as well as the middle thing
    also the lighting looks like its concave 11:04 so ++ to the possibility of it being an inverted normal

  38. I often turn my character into a weapons trader with the super mutants is a prime location for gathering heavy weapons for later

  39. Absolutely love how you do your play throughs, hope u see this , you’ve got a new fan.

  40. Oxhorn straight up cold blooded murdered all them peaceful coyotes

  41. For some reason the one the ghouls and the minimum are missing in my game. Only be mutants, the prospector, and the centaurs.

  42. I remember using that abandoned shack as an early player home haha good times. I also used the shack near the deathclaw cave when I started to get a higher level and wanted somewhere besides a Penthouse suite for a roleplay location. I miss when Fallout had empty buildings that no one occupied that could easily be converted to a player home or storage area.

  43. Have you ever had one of those times where your going to die no matter what the (save game) says unless you use the only grenade and dumb luck to get out of the place?

  44. I am still freaked out from the long nails on your character ☠️☠️☠️

  45. I felt that potato I am so bad with the last school I thought to myself there’s another

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