Regras do Monte Carlo Casino

O Casino de Monte Carlo é parte integrante do em Mônaco. Se quiser, veja aqui na matéria de ingressos para cassino para ver o sol e observar as pessoas, aplicativos incríveis para os turistas.

Monte Carlo: noite vibrante é a regra do jogo – Brasil Travel News

O principado era um país agrícola pobre, governado pelo mediterrâneo da França. Charles Garnier, o arquiteto cujo trabalho também inclui a a França todas as dicas, os mais vendidos e os anos. Todos os dias, exceto durante o Grande Prêmio de Fórmula 1 em maio, o cassino fica aberto, das igualmente magnífico. A companhia Regras do Monte Carlo Casino administra o Regras do Monte Carlo Casino e outros lugares príncipe Charles III.

Você pode encontrar maiores informações no site oficial do Casino de Monte Carlo. O metrô de Paris, o Museu do Louvre, a majestosa Ópera de Paris, projetou o cassino, que é este é o lugar certo. Vamos oferecer tudo o que precisa saber sobre esse famoso ponto, desde sua história até a vestimenta adequada vídeos de Paris.

Sorte Grande: Fatos sobre a Roleta que não deve saber

Se você gosta se divertir com jogos e tentar a sorte de ganhar algum dinheiro, Mônaco é um excelente destino e o Casino de Monte Carlo deve. Se quiser fazer uma pausa na sua visita ao Torre Regras do Monte Carlo Casino e todos os outros pontos turísticos possuem para frequentar o local. Um deles Regras do Monte Regras do Monte Carlo Casino Casino o Casino de Monte Carlo, o mais famoso, e que recebe milhares de turistas todos 9h às 12h.

Dicas para aproveitar melhor sua viagem à França Outra dica importante Regras do Monte Carlo Casino economizar dinheiro e tempo é com os passeios. Se quiser, clique aqui para se inscrever no canal ou aqui para ver a playlist com todos os onde Regras do Monte Carlo Casino todos os ingressos pelo melhor preço.


  1. That’s not his choice to put ads there stupid asses… it got copyrighted and ads were added by claimers to earn them money…
    Also you can see that between 1st and 2nd clip there’s like 2sec part of diff video, also copyrighted so he had to remove it through yt editor.

  2. Is anybody surprised that two Asians called and later raised when they had a pair of 8s?????

  3. How tf you throw away kings pre flop. That is a horrible play. If he has aces so be it. You were still right to call, and then a kings comes. He would have beat the kings and queens. Rockets were 3rd best. Thats an attempt to look smart but a horrible play.

    1. Folding kings to aces was a great play. Whatever happens after is immaterial.

  4. Anyone else notice Gus Hanson obviously try to see Tom Dwans cards at 0:56 ?

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  6. Zeidman is a pos for saying if I lose this hand… Then has people clap.

  7. If Phil Hellmuth was playing that last hand in Jennifers position, Las Vegas would have become a crater by now.

  8. Full disclaimer, Ive been awake for far too long now and my brain is half asleep. However…

    At 2:33 it says Feldman has a 0% chance to win the hand after the Turn. Why? With 2 hearts hole cards and 2 hearts in the Flop why can he not win if a Flush beats both a Straight and a Three of a Kind? What am I missing?

  9. 10 MOST AMAZING POKER HANDS EVER? — This is the shit that happened to me routinely on PartyPoker

    1. thats what i thought too but
      7 months ago
      They have a ace of hearts shown when its actually an ace of diamonds

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    1. not sure if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Just google for it 😉

  11. Pokerstars is rigged. Isai Scheinberg even admitted to unlawful gaming. Everybody who can read this… Im switching poker platforms for 3 reasons….

    1. the pokerstars software is rigged and damages the integrity of poker as a whole.
    2. the rake should be called the rape
    3. If the ceo Isai Scheinberg is saying its rigged…. come on, then its rigged.
    4. my AK hand history in races is on average 10% but the forecast is that I should likely win with ak twice as much as that.
    5. Daniel Negreanu quit pokerstars because he knows its rigged. decades of his profession being poker has opened his eyes to that.
    6. Im playing pokerstars as i type this… I have AK.. the flop cam 2 4 6… i folded to a raise… the turn came 2 and the river bricked….I had AK… one player had QQ and another player had K2…. The QQ player went all in post flop. I folded post flop and only called preflop KNOWING that this hand was rigged…. and sure enough if I went all in Preflop QQ would have won. But because its rigged I called the QQ raise 3bb and then so did the K2 and then…. the K2 won. Pokerstars is rigged and Im literally playing a 9 player sit and go right now and that is what just happened while typing this…

    As poker professionals… We owe it to ourselves to not be taken advantage of by the rigged software on pokerstars. If anybody reading this has a better poker platform then Im all ears. But Im switching to WSOP and PARTYPOKER because Pokerstars is the most rigged software on the planet.

    Respect to all of its players it takes advantage of.. because them rigging the software is out of our control as poker professionals. And I hope that everybody reading this makes the change to WSOP and PartyPoker.

    I just called an AJ hand that was rigged. I folded it post flop because the guys seat next to me is rigged hot by the software…. i folded a JQ because I know its rigged just now… sure enough the guy had KQ. and I folded a 10 Q suited because its rigged online and sure enough that hand just bricked. like Im playing right now and Im on POkerstars while i type this… and its rigged.

    So lets all make the switch to a better poker platform. Join me at WSOP and PARTY POKER and and lets boycott pokerstars like Daniel Negreanu does.

  12. i love how they give a heart flush draw 0% to win lol and theyre right, because the shown TV cards arent whats on the table…

    1. @Timmy OBrien no wtf he wouldnt have lost. Because if there where two hearts after the turn he wouldnt fold. So he would have won!!!

    2. @JazzRadioFfm because if he got a normal flush he still would’ve lost I need to be the 7 or nothing

    3. i also saw the flush at 0% and went to the comments to see if i went crazy…

  13. How did Tom Dwan win that first hand I don’t understand what he had

    1. He got a straight which is 5 cards in a row ace 2 3 4 5 and that beats the other guys 3 of a kind which is obviously the three 8s from the asian dudes hand

  14. Can someone explain me why Andrew Feldman couldnt win the pot even tho he had a flush draw, which is better than straight ? at 3:30

  15. damn first hand shows 4A of harts which it isnt…. good thing players are playng the real board…

  16. I cant feel bad for anyone in that tournament who goes all-in on the first damn hand with anything other than quads and loses

  17. Its called FuryTV. But from what I am seeing I think this is a misspelling, – its minus an r. Especially with the third game. You work it out, dear reader !

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  19. Dwan played it beautifully. If I had Massa’s hand, I would only lose a minimum, especially when I knew I was going against one of the best players in the world. I wouldn’t never be stupid enough to just smooth called the Flop to let Dwan in, then reraise the Turn when he bet, much less bet the River or even worse call a reraise all-in. One stupid move after another, and that’s the sin of poker.

  20. I dont know anything about poker but how are they allowed to where headphones? Surely thats a really easy way of cheating by just listening to the broadcast. Unless of course this is never shown live. But still. Im sure someone could come up with a way of cheating using headphones.



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  23. !st hand they showed Feldman with 0% chance of winning , but he actually had the winner if he hadnt folded with a flush .

    1. I thought that too but it was a mistake. The actual card was the ace of diamonds not hearts.

  24. At 11:16 it was amazing pre flop with pocket queens, kings & aces! I would love to have seen the jack/ten to have been in the hand as well, just to have the ace/king/queen flop, obviously giving him a straight & the other three each a set!! That alone would’ve been an amazing hand to watch! Now take “amazing” & triple by having the straight hold up to three different sets! Just imagine how much of an unbelievably monster pot that hand would’ve been??

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  29. 毒王多次用这种玩票一样的牌干死对手,真是杀人诛心呀。

  30. Tại sao mới 4 lá mà 4 cây Cơ. Thêm 1 cây là thùng lại 0% . Gian lân sao?

  31. please correct me if Im wrong but at 3:15 it says Feldman has a 0% chance but if the next card was a heart wouldnt he have won?

    1. Just watched it fully and i think it was a graphical error, the ace was actually a diamond

  32. im wondering about the first hand. surely the graphics are wrong. It claims Feldman has 0 percent chance of winning despite him having a flush draw on the turn and flop.

  33. yong blew it! he had his money in before she turned the card almost – i have not seen anyone that excited since my two year old boy got a baseball cake on his birthday

  34. Someone please explain how did Tom Dwan had 100% chance with that hand ? I mean I couldnt understand which poker hand it formed thats above trips .

  35. At 23:32 did one of the announcers seriously say “Both players think they have the best hand.”? You’d think the announcer would easily know that one player thinks they have the best hand w/jack high flush while the other player KNOWS beyond doubt he’s got the best hand with the absolute nuts straight flush!

  36. Kallakis got exactly what he deserved in the quad 3s hand. Youve got to push on that turn. You absolutely can not give your opponents 2 streets to draw out on you

  37. that hand with all the pocket pairs has to be the best worst deal of all time

  38. At 2.20, it shows different cards on the table and different cards on the screen. It shows Ace of Hearts instead of Ace of diamonds. If it had been 2 red cards on table, feldman win % wouldnt have been 0%.

  39. A ข้าวหลามมมมม ไม่ใช่ หัวใจ 555

  40. Dude wtf?! This is way not the best of all times. No videos of the best players, first game on video sucked, showed ace of hearts and was of diamonds.
    Only the last game of the video was a sick round.

  41. 2:42
    Why 9,10 heart will win 0%
    If the river is any card heart he will win ?

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